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solo painting exhibition of Dora Paniopoulou

Unfold: feelings, thoughts, space… 

Dora Paniopoulou

The artist embeds dynamics, strong and strict lines on the canvas in which  she signifies the ‘unfold’ and the openness of the interior space.

We are encouraged being indoors for our everyday activities, at home, at work, at a cafe etc. How could it be if we ‘ unfold’ our interiors? What is it the interior space for us? Which needs of us are encompassed in an encloser? How can we depend on the interior space? 

Paniopoulou was inspired by these questions and started to develop these case studies. She uses strong and bright colours and 3 dimensional representations of unfold on canvas. 

By looking the paintings, the viewer abets to ‘unfold’... his/her feeling, thoughts, space...