Two solo contemporary painting and jewellery exhibitions in one Stella Kukulaki painting, Agapi Smpokou jewellery

Stella is a dynamic visual artist inspired by the world of the sea. The painting unity she presents is a continuation of her earlier series: "Under the Walls of Atlantis", influenced by Professor F. Farulli. With her work she brings us warm images, full of detail and grace. With a unique technique in acrylic colours that has evolved over the years, it delivers both the transparency and density.

Balancing wonderful cool and warm colours, it turns our eyes to a microcosm, giving it with great precision and detail. Something that the viewer's naked eye would find it difficult to spot, swept away by the depth of the bottom. Stella Koukoulakis asks us to focus on this vastness and to love marine creatures as part of a transcendent reality.


Agapi Smpokou, created modern jewellery that depicts objects of the bottom, inspired by the plasticity of the water. She sees the bottom, mysterious and parallel to dreams, due to the variability of the space dimension and the colours within it. "The creatures of the bottom are among the most beautiful and mysterious creations of nature, living and acting harmoniously among them. Each one a microcosm, independently and committed to the unconditional terms of a survival co-operation .. " 

Two interrelated jobs.