Myrto Dramountani

Collection 2016- 2017


Myrto Dramountani is a Fashion Designer and Architect. She is actively working in London and Dubai. Studying fashion at Parsons, the New School for Design, gave Myrto early exposure to the New York City fashion scene. The inspiration for her collections is the fabric itself, which she approaches as a three dimensional surface.The laser cut patterns create visual illusions and give spatial properties to her designs.This approach is achieved by using the latest computational design techniques and digital fabrication technology.

She started her brand in 2011. It was the attraction and challenge of going it alone. She wanted to see her spark of inspiration realized into a successful business. As her techniques are unique, it was the only way she could take total control over her designs and bring them to life.     

MYRTO DRAMOUNTANI is a high end womenswear brand with an edge.  The premiumness of the brand is found in the design itself, which involves a sophisticated laser cut process of the fabric.  The 2-3 dimensional laser cut patterns create an avant-garde look and feel. 

Her work has been published in magazines such as Vogue UK, Glamour UK, Tatler UK, Grazia Middle East, Marie Claire, Madame Figaro, Hia Magazine. In May 2015 she participated at the Designlab show, Gazi Athens. In November 2015 she participated at the Fragrance Oscars Arabia 2015 in Dubai creating the looks for the presenter of the show  Raya Abirached and the models.

Raya Abirached is one of her most loyal clients.

The editorial photo shoot of her latest collection for  2016 took place in Al Quoz in Dubai.

"Fashion for me has an architectural dimension and application. We construct clothes for the same reason we construct a house: we seek a shelter for the body and we achieve that through geometric designs. Our clothes protect us, create feelings, impressions and function with us. So does the space we live, work or been active in. The process by which a dress is constructed is similarly questioned by metaphors of architectural construction. Fashion design and architecture share much of the same vocabulary and similar techniques of construction: pinning, darting, folding, wrapping, draping, cutting. So when I design clothes I am always influenced from architecture and I even use architectural design software in order to create my designs. My goal is to cover, but also to reveal the body in a structural way.I design the fabric and I cut it with laser cut machines. All of my garments have 2 or 3 dimensional laser cut shapes. Geometry is also a source of inspiration for me as I transform basic geometrical shapes into interesting fashion combinations. The most challenging thing is to discover new techniques in order to create unique clothes. The manipulation of the fabric is a very important aspect in my work and kind of my trade mark".