presents students' work

An exhibition from the Krama institute’s students. In the exhibiton will take part, Xenia Deimezi, Victoria Ioannidou, Theoni Papademetriou, Katerina Roumelioti, Stefania Sioufa.

Krama is a jewellery school which was founded in 2014 by Poly Nikolopoulou and Yiannis Siotis. They created Krama with the desire to introduce the contemporary view and trends to students. Through experimentations, knowledge and creativity, focus on the methodical cultivation of the mind and thought, on free individual expression, on knowledge and elaboration of the materials, on the evolution of techniques and on preparation for studies abroad.

The educational program is evolving in two stages (2 years), Basic and Advanced.

The Basic stage is for students from all the levels of technical skills and includes, complete technical skills in metal, communication with materials, new technologies and design programs, and creative exercises.  This stage is based on six modules.

The Advanced stage is a program for students that have developed a high level of technical and design skills.

 At this stage the students find and develop their thoughts into a theme of research. The elements of methodology are, choosing the theme of research, research and development, theoretical analysis, experimentation – Construction and organizing the exhibition.