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contemporary art exhibition inspired by the wine

'wine is the love that comes out of the ground’

A bunch of grapes is born in ground, with care and love, from bloom and vine in the embrace of the vine. The ground, in a special relationship with water, creates elements that, together with the wind and temperature, make up the aromas and tastes of the earth. A product with a history that is lost in the myth of the world as the worship of god Dionysos is related to the celebrations of the vegetation, sacred madness caused by the drinking of wine and fertility. It is venerated by many ancient civilizations and an integral ritual of many religions.

It is determined on the basis of the grape variety, the time of ripening and the geographical breadth of its production. The art of "tasting," describes the color, aroma and fragrance that leaves when it is no longer in the mouth. It activates the brain cells causing a lot of emotions.

Undisputed protagonist in the most special moments and in our daily meetings.

In the exhibition took part remarkable local artists, visual artists and designers, who were invited to work, inspired by the specific wine theme project.

Ino-ART exhibition included paintings, sculptures, ceramic useful items, jewellery, photos and art video based on the specific subject.

Free wine tasting evenings were carried out at AS GALLERY - Agapi Smpokou, with the cooperation of domaine Paterianakis, as well as their organic wines was part of this exhibition.

Participants: Stella Koukoulaki (construction), Costas Pagomenos (sculpture), Alex Slanker (art video), Simon Slanker (photography), Agapi Skoukou (ceramics), Dimitris Tzanis (painting).