In Need

Contemporary jewellery group exhibition

AS GALLERY - Agapi Smpokou contemporary jewellery and art presented the group exhibition of modern jewellery "IN NEED" (human needs).

Designers created a series of jewels, each of which represents an internal human need. Each artist has chosen a human need, which is reflected in the collection that was designed for this exhibition.

They took part (in alphabetical order), Verouki Pavlina, Zachou Marina, Ioannidou Viktoria, Kariofilli Nefeli, Perraki Varvara, Stroumpouli Aliki, Aliki 'n' the Jaz Rabbit.

Need is the feeling of the lack expressed in the desire to satisfy it.

At a time when Art is a key issue, artists are called through their creativity to capture the emotional experiences of interacting with recipients.

The jewellery becomes unique when it is connected with symbolism, which reflects the designer's desires and personal quests.