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I speak jewellery

contemporary art jewellery exhibition

“ I speak jewellery”

Contemporary / art jewellery  illustrates  an idea, a question, an argument, an emotion or all of them at one piece. It is a language in which artist communicates, regarding  the current personal and sociological conditions, produces a unique piece of art. He or she speaks a jewellery language by using the scultpural elements and the metalsmith, which contains his/ her identity and the wears. 

I am presenting in this edition and exhibition « I speak jewellery» the past group exhitions «I FEEL LUCKY», «HUMAN TOUCH» ,«VALUES», « Oino_art», the solo exhibition «Native Geometry» « Tamata» and  the representatiion of 3 selected artists. They are meanly anthropocentric. As a gallerist and curator, I introdused these projects to artists and they have been exclusivly presented and exhibited at AS Gallery- Agapi Smpokou contemporary jewellery and art at Heraklion Crete.

I presented the exhibition “ I feel lucky” on December 2015, where I found some works focused on the subject very well develop. Human kind always has had a primal need for protection, luckiness, praying to be wealthy. He created and developed different symbols, talismans which are inspired by his favorite objects for a better life.

Human touch varies in meanings as the artists’ works did on April 2015. Mankind has a social existence since the beginning; he has developed his natural curiosity and the need to explore. Human’s research constitutes the thirst and the need of the soul to communicate. At the point of human intervention can create something new, to improve something old and to destroy for the matter of his selfishness and surviving. He is inspirited by nature, is mimicking it but he also he is hurting it.

Values are principles, which guide the decisions of our lives. They are the significance of some material or spiritual good that can be underestimated even subjectively. They can be related to economic concepts, the importance and usefulness of a product.

The variability of the values affects our desires, our priorities, consequently our life. Nowadays, the crisis of human relationship redefines various socio-economic facts contributing to the of personal values. This crisis may be extended to social level resulting to meet an enormous phenomenon of alienation of human relations.

However, redefining our values and setting new targets/marks things are simple, so we are satisfied when our values are manifested by our achievement.

Agapi Smpokou