" I feel lucky"

Contemporary art & jewellery group exhibition

An indispensable need for protection from evil, good luck, energy and prayer, inspires man to create symbols, amulets, talismans, and loved objects to wish for a better life.  AS Gallery-Agapi Smpokou moved to a new place in Psaromeliyon 9 just before Christmas and the change of the year. Wishing to give a chance to the art he represents, he starts with the exhibition "I feel lucky", with unique works of art, jewelery, ceramic objects and paintings in a limited number.  Each artist-designer, by mastering his materials, interprets' Luck by presenting it through his personal approach.


Pavlina Verouki, Giorgos Gianoutsos, Hara Theodoraki, Hara Karamichali, Nefeli Karyofili, Ioanna Koulouri, Giannis Margetis, Mary-Zoe Moustakoudis, Christina Brampti, Angeliki Papadopoulou, Chrysa Sarlani, Aikaterini Chalkiadaki, Dora Charalambaki Agapi Smpokou