A solo contemporary art painting exhibition of Janet Liodakis

“I lean over the shallow water and observe the thousands of

colours, the water continually in motion. The bright reflections

playing with the shapes, everything changing in a moment

and I feel myself drifting with the flow…….with the beauty….” 

Jan Liodaki

Inspired by nature, she has to answer the question of whether there is a dynamic within the static. Her works are dominated by a game of rapport between realism and surrealism.  According to Museologist and Art Historian Myrto Kontomitakis, in the works of Jan Liodaki, "... reality surpasses every imagination, with the nature of allowing the depiction of the intangible on its surfaces, while we are called to" show the film ".

Her canvas is dominated by the scriptures of the chronic and constantly evolving energy flows of various natural phenomena. Impressions on the seas and woods, always through the "partisan" coexistence of the edges, such as water with rocks, wood with air, and even the pebbles sooner or later rounded out because of the continuous collisions between them within salty and relentless water ".

Continuing, "Jan Liodaki, even in the visualization of static issues such as woods, stones, rocks, dirt, recalls that" everything takes and no one lives ", inevitably referring to Heraclitus, the provocative philosopher of Ephesus (6th-5th cent. X) and its escape "the chilies are heated, they are hot chilled, the liquids are dried, the dry ones are moistened". Proof of the fact that situations and dynamics, seemingly opposing, can and coexist harmoniously over the years ...