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Body graffiti, 140x90cm
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Pendant, silver, alpaca, oxidation, wood, paint

All that matters..

solo painting and jewellery exhibition, Yiota Vogli

‘Flesh Canvas’ Painting

This work is the result of my PhD thesis on tattoos and evolved to the female body.

I have drawn photographic portraits that capture an expression on human bodies, which seem to represent not just the subject’s personality but include manifestoes of our contemporary society. 

This body of work is an exploration into the physical and emotional limits of individuals operating in contemporary society, using the human images, to expose psychological and physical states like joy, despair, guilty, emotional release, gravity, presence and absence. The question concerning female faith and generally the virtuous behavior which supposedly characterizes women in every area of their lives emerges as a central subject. 

The female body becomes means and subject of emotional communication, when at the same time it turns into a canvas on which expresses the individual and public freedom, while reflects the aesthetic value of our times.

Jewellery collection Layers of Memory deals with the density of substance. Paper stripes, create forms of multiple colors and become symbols of past imprints  and memories that have lost their actuality, since time and personal renderings – feelings, subjective readings, even mind distortions – transforms them into something open to interpretation.

SHADOWS collection, 2016, is the embodiment of a fantasy world populated with shadows, exotic birds, grotesque demons and fairies, an exploration of the aesthetic and literary values of such creatures and the real and symbolic nature of the shadow as an image and a figure. 

We are aware of a tiny fraction of the thinking process that goes on in our minds, and we can control only a tiny part of our conscious thoughts. The vast majority of our thinking efforts go on subconsciously.

Thoughts like birds will always hover high in the sky but is our responsibility to prevent the “birds” from landing on our minds.

Yiota Vogli

PhD Fine Arts