Myriam Bottazzi

Myriam Bottazzi. Born in Milan, adopted by Rome.
Her activity can be described as a creative, intimate and instinctive journey, so much so that it is hard to place her in a specific sector.
In the world of fashion she designed and produced body ornaments with the MyriamB brand. The originality of her work has been particularly appreciated by important fashion brands, such as Valentino, Gattinoni, Maurizio Galante, Les Copains, Martine Sitbon.
She has created for them unique articles used in fashion shows, and at the same time she has designed and produced accessories collections more suitable for commercial production. In order to avoid feeling constrained by a single market, she explored fields that swing from art to design.
Various manufacturing techniques allow her to assimilate and transform different materials every time. In her work she transforms and elaborates shapes and materials trying to maintain always a particular expressiveness and craftsmanship. Her trademarks are both a refined style and a an on going study for quality materials.