Liana Patthis

With a background in Interior Design, Liana Pattihis has been creating works of contemporary jewellery for more than ten years. Pattihis has been living and practicing in London since 1980 and graduated with a degree in Jewellery Design from Middlesex University, under the leadership of Caroline Broadhead, with First Class Honours in 2007. Enamel is a prominent and mastered technique employed within her artistic practice. Her innovative use beyond traditional applications has seen her works featured in international exhibitions and publications.

Fusing enamel on a movable base like silver chain

Her designs evolve through a dialogue between her source inspiration and the creative potential of the enamel. The versatility of the material is what attracts her the most as it gives an organic feel to her work. Her response to the way in which the materials fuse together is intuitive and impromptu. With each layer the enamel adds form, structure and substance to the piece. The natural fragility of the material exudes a new found strength, richness in texture and an acquired preciousness.